Multiple Book Author and Highly Regarded Guest Speaker – John Moffatt Smith




What sets John’s guest talks from the masses is not only the fact that he will waver the talk component of the cost but is undoubtably the uniqueness of his presentation. The opportunity for businesses and organisations to present something different from the norm, where most people are aware of the achievements of the high-profile sportsman or the entrepreneurs who have gone from rags to riches.

None can attest to being one of 32 siblings of which 27 are from their birth mother and father, with 5 from their previous relationships.

John’s talks are so highly regarded, he is often rebooked as so much of his story cannot be recounted in just one night and the diversity of the questions asked during the question/answer time is a testament to this. With all 32 siblings being orphaned, just the reasoning behind this alone, along with how did John survive, or even forgive the time he spent in his early years up to age 11 within the orphanage as his first book Invisible Scars tells. It is a must read, telling of the abuse and being trapped in such an environment, while overcoming extraordinary odds to eventually find his happiness. Definitely one of the most inspiring stories you are ever likely to read.

John’s talks can also touch on relevant and extremely valuable information for budding authors, and as the author of 3 books and 6 e-books, the lessons learnt here will be priceless, or best I say price saving, as he divulges the pitfalls of first time publishing, giving you an insight on how to best manoeuvre around this minefield of predators who are ready to pounce with offers of assistance that will convince you their expertise is what’s needed to become a bestselling author. What John shares here alone is a massive $ saving for those who harbor the thoughts of one day writing a book.

While for the 3rd sector, which mostly comprises of non-profit organisations or associations including charities and voluntary community groups, co-operatives etc., John can sometimes, depending on timeframes and location, can waiver his appearance fees, where the cost is limited to nothing except for his out of pocket expenses such as travel and accommodation expenses. He realizes that these organisations rely on a low-cost budget and is always mindful of reaching the best outcome for you.

For the corporate and large organisations in the private sector, what John brings is a change with a story and presentation that will be new, inspiring and above all, different from any other guest speaker or story your guests have heard before.

Why it’s simple, because John’s laid-back approach and how he interacts with all who attend his talks, are very quickly engrossed in john’s story, be it a short 1-hour presentation to an extended 3 hours.

You will be amazed on how John learnt to overcome his demons and what John brings in the uniqueness and freshness he delivers, his presentation must be seen to be believed and more importantly, at a fraction of the cost of most guest speakers. As John says, it is talking to all you guys and seeing the interest shown, but most importantly John recognizes he has a story that a percentage of this listening to him on any given night, and who will be amongst his audience, are currently dealing with their demons or who are inspired or helped by Johns’ words to reach better outcomes. John recently was able to meet and share his story with the Ambassador for the R U OK organization, which works with the Black Dog organization, with both parties coming away with a fresh and revitalized enthusiasm to get their message out there, that together we can help each other to a better quality of life.

So, when your next looking to engage a speaker for your function, be it to encourage funding or to provide a interesting new uplifting and incredible story that I can ensure will captivate any audience, then booking John should be high on your priority list.

John’s web page not only shows his character, but why he is one of the best new talents on the speaking circuit.

2018 is fully booked and his is currently filling his 2019 engagements rapidly. If you would like to discuss a speaking engagement more, John’s details are on the contact page.

John with R U OK Ambassador Travis Collins